Thursday, June 7, 2012


Developing an animated short involving a ninja, and here's a test image. I'm still adjusting the lighting, trying to balance niceness and time-efficiency.

Here's a test video...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


First of all, here's an update of Svidgul.
He's got legs this time.
Also, that void flame has been more accurately portrayed as an energetic globe of annihilating particles.

And this is a quick painting of Kevero. He's a totally weaselly kind of bully character who leads a group of renegades and he'll end up getting trumped by Visothir (a few posts below).

Notable quote -- "Look who we got! I’ll bet you never expected to see me here, huh?"

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Review: Diablo III

Riding on the coattails of its predecessors, Diablo III ingenuously tugs at our most primitive and simple pleasures, and at its core, the game's fun in the same way that a slot machine is fun.

As far as gameplay mechanics, the depth in character customization isn't really apparent until you reach around level 20, so you've initially got to stick with the whole click-fest drudgery before you can experience all of what the game's got to offer. Also, it’s apparent that the designers took their time to develop and balance the character skills, and it makes the game play like butter --this isn’t necessarily a good thing, however. While the new streamlined approach may appeal to the current generation of casual gamers, it feels like Blizzard’s more or less left the real Diablo fan base out in the cold by stripping the game of a proper skill point allocation system. Unlike previous Diablo games, you won’t have to commit to your skill choices and you’ll end up getting every skill your character can get, which opens things up for experimentation but lessens the sense of character uniqueness. Also, the whole Auction House thing, while fun in a Diablo III kind of way, seems to bastardized the balance of the core game, giving players access to otherwise out-of-reach equipment and making the in-game blacksmith and merchants largely useless.

As far as other things go, Diablo III is aesthetically really nice, and it won’t bog your system down with all its freshness. Animations are solid and the overall graphics have a clean though quite un-Diablo-esque style (it fits in more with the style of World of Warcaft than it does Diablo what with the colorful look of things). As for the writing, while much of the dialogue is entertaining, the overarching story's pretty banal.

All in all, Diablo III feels more like a new Gauntlet than it does a new Diablo. It’s fun playing the game with friends, but there’s no cohesive single-player mode to speak of. Even if you have fun playing it, you’ll certainly feel guilty afterwards for having sunk so much time into the thoughtless nature of your demon-slaying escapades.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Going to Nossus

Quick environment stuff...

For some reason, when you zoom into some images, Blogger has a tendency to screw up the color.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Unconquerable: Environment Design

Fel Village – A permanent colony set up by the forgotten Voth soldiers and their families. Though the inhabitants still consider themselves Voth and respect Visothir’s arrival, it’s clear that they feel some degree of resentment towards the Voth Empire. Nevertheless, the residents who are able will lend Visothir assistance.

Remote Causeway – An ancient and desolate expanse of road; shadowy figures can be seen marching the long stretch towards the grand doorway leading into The Pit.

The Pit – The nexus which connects all aspects of the underground regions of Fel.

Decrepit Forest – A strange subterranean wilderness sporting many peculiar forms of vegetation, home to a forgotten tribe of aborigines who once lived above ground.

Forgotten Stronghold – The last bastion of some ancient civilization. Apart from the hordes of immortal soldiers that guard its walls, the old man Zobabuer can be found within the walls of the stronghold itself.

Profane Temple – The residing place and twisted laboratory of a group of Necromancers who are responsible for securing the path into the Polyandrion.

Polyandrion – A corpse pit and source of power for the Necromancers above.
Tempestuous Grotto – The Vacivumancers place of study, it’s home to an eccentric assortment of creatures.

Tempestuous Grotto – The Vacivumancers place of study, it’s home to an eccentric assortment of creatures.

Svidgul’s Tower – The citadel of the Vacivumancer’s and their leader, Svidgul. A prime location from which to observe the Tempestuous Grotto.

Magmafen – A hot lava area! Home to a few powerful demons.

Subterranean Bog – An utterly disgusting area filled with potentially deadly fumes and aggressive fungi.

Cyclopean Worm – The larva of some unimaginably huge beetle, it’s as much an area of exploration as it is the innards of a huge and revolting living creature.

Ancient Battlefield – Some thousands of years ago, a war was fought on these grounds. Home to a variety of demons and undead fighters.

Bloodworks – A place where the Vapids make blood-sacrifices. Golems and demons oftentimes manifest their physical forms here.

Void – Everywhere and nowhere: a prefect dwelling for the Vapids. A celestial archway links the Void to Svidgul’s Tower.

Frozen Depths – A location inaccessible to nearly all things, mortal and otherwise, and keep to the Devil Stone.


This is Visothir, and he oozes with pride.

On a side not, I'm still trying to find a good style...

Notable quote -- "You think me a beast – some kind of patracidal half-vampire perhaps? Ah, do not be facetious! I owe my prowess to austere training, nothing more."

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Started Drawing Again

This is Svidgul, an antagonist from Unconquerable and leader of the Vacivumancers. As a Vacivumancer, Svidgul is able to conjure up destructive energies by divining the Void, an energy stream that exists parallel to our own matter-centric universe.

Notable Quote -- "My powers transcend among other things the limitations of secrecy. Your thoughts are no more private to you than an orator’s rant to the masses, so keep your mouth shut."